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Why Go Smoke-Free?

Cleaner units. Faster turnover. Healthier residents. There are plenty of reasons to go smokefree.

Go Smoke-Free  Advertise Smoke-Free Housing

72% of renters in buildings that allow smoking but have smoke-free units would prefer their building be non-smoking.

54% of renters are concerned about the effect of secondhand smoke from other units on their health.


Reports on E-Cigarette Adverse Events

Click on the link below to view the e-cigarette safety reports submitted to the FDA. These are voluntary reports of adverse events involving e-cigarettes from consumers, health professionals and concerned members of the public.

To see reports:
Scroll down to Special Interest Topics: E-Cigarette Adverse Events.

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Fond du Lac Sustainability and Policy Committee Meeting

Let's celebrate our success together on
Wednesday December 17, 2014

Fond du Lac City/County Government Center
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Asthma Home Walk-Through Toolkit

Wisconsin Tobacco Facts

  • 4,900 kids (under 18) become new daily smokers each year
  • 428,000 kids are exposed to secondhand smoke at their home
  • Wisconsin's annual health care costs directly caused by smoking is $2.66 billion
  • 7,000 adults in Wisconsin die each year from their own smoking habit

Are You Wondering About E-Cigarettes?

Youth Tobacco Survey Data

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