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Fond du Lac County Asthma Coalition

Fond du Lac County Asthma Coalition

The Fond du Lac County Asthma Coalition's mission is to develop and implement strategies to decrease the burden of asthma in Fond du Lac County through education, prevention, and advocacy.

According to the Wisconsin Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health, 182 Fond du Lac County residences visited an emergency department in 2012 with an asthma related episode. The Fond du Lac County Asthma Coalition hopes that by working with home service providers, the coalition will help Fond du Lac County residents living with asthma have a healthier living environment by identifying and reducing asthma triggers in the home.

Homeowners or renters with a family member with asthma may use the Asthma Triggers Home Walkthrough Checklist and the Recommendations for Reduction or Elimination of Asthma Triggers found below to complete a home walkthrough on their own. These are great resources that help identify and provide recommendations for reducing or elimnating asthma triggers from the home.

Resources About Asthma

Tobacco Smoke is an Asthma Trigger

Tobacco smoke is a known asthma trigger. Implement a smokefree policy in your home and vehicle to help reduce exposure to smoke.

If you would like resources to help you quit any form of tobacco, click on the following links.

Asthma Triggers Home Walkthrough Toolkit

Asthma Home Walkthrough Video


Educational Resources