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Why Go Smoke-Free?

Cleaner units. Faster turnover. Healthier residents. There are plenty of reasons to go smokefree.

72% of renters in buildings that allow smoking but have smoke-free units would prefer their building be non-smoking.

54% of renters are concerned about the effect of secondhand smoke from other units on their health.


Wisconsin Tobacco Facts

  • 5,100 kids (under 18) become new daily smokers each year
  • 234.9 Million packs of cigarettes are sold in Wisconsin each year
  • Wisconsin's annual health care costs directly caused by smoking is $2.66 billion
  • 7,356 Wisconsin deaths are associated with tobacco use each year

FDA Deeming Rule

Warning Letters Issued to E-Cigarette Companies Illegally Making FDA-Related Claims

For the first time, the FDA recently issued warning letters to three different companies – Vaperz Ltd, Knoxville Vapor and Dr. K – for making FDA-related claims on their websites regarding their e-cigarette or e-liquid products. The Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act prohibits companies from making statements to consumers about tobacco products that would mislead consumers into believing that products have been approved or inspected by the FDA. Read more HERE.


Americans Now Vape but Most Also Use Regular Tobacco Products

Three out of four of e-cigarette users are now both vaping and smoking. E-cigarette use may be on the rise but isn't helping Americans kick tobacco addictions, according to new research.

The Dangers of Smoking: Mentally Ill Smoke Three Times More Than National Average

Smoking and mental illness are tightly linked, according to a report by Public Health England. An estimated 64 percent of mental health patients are addicted to tobacco, compared to 18.4 percent of the general population.

The Next Sustainability and Policy Meeting is:

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 12:00 - 1:00pm Room H

Reports on E-Cigarette Adverse Events

Click on the link below to view the e-cigarette safety reports submitted to the FDA. These are voluntary reports of adverse events involving e-cigarettes from consumers, health professionals and concerned members of the public.

To see reports:
Scroll down to SPECIAL INTEREST TOPICS: E-Cigarette Adverse Events.

Investigate Your Home for Asthma Triggers


Current News

Use of E-Cigarettes Rises Sharply Among Teenagers, Report Says


E-cigarettes have arrived in the life of the American teenager. Use of the devices among middle- and high school students tripled from 2013 to 2014, according to federal data just released, bringing the share of high school students who use them to 13 percent — more than who smoke traditional cigarettes.Click the links below for further information.

Are You Wondering About E-Cigarettes?

Youth Tobacco Survey Data



FACT is a youth-led movement that takes action and creates change. Teens expose Big Tobacco’s dirty secrets and deceptive practices by empowering Wisconsin teens to stand up to an industry that is lying to them.

Five Counties for Tobacco-Free Living Newsletter

Wisconsin is Better Smoke-Free

Fond du Lac County Health Ranking

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